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Okay... ehmm I am bringing 3 servers, and I was asked in irc to post something about them here..
1U Dell R200 Server, running Windows Enterprise 2003 Server
QuadXeon 2.4Ghz (9.6Ghz)
1 x 256MB SAS Raid Controller
2 x 146Gb SAS 15.000 rpm disk (raid0)
2 x 100/1000mbit nic
4 x 1Gb DDR-2 667Mhz ram
Dell SC-420 PowerEdge Server, running Debian 4.0 ETCH
P4 3.2Ghz
2 x 120GB Sata-300 disks with 16mb cache (raid0)
2 x 1GB DDR-2 533Mhz ram
1 x 100/1000mbit nic
1U 1.8Ghz Intel Rack Server, running Debian 4.0 ETCH
2 x 80GB IDE-133 Disks with 8mb cache (raid0)
2 x 512mb DDR 333Mhz ram
2 x 100mbit intel nic

I'll be running World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source, Quake 4 Enemy Territory, GTA SA-MP and Soldat Servers and I am open to suggestions, I preferr easy to setup servers, and the game must be supported with either dedicated linux or windows server.. Just reply to this thread and let me know what other games I should be running..

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Miss em ol bbs days

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Thanks for the information :)

Now go convince Siara!

Veni, vidi, we kicked their asses!

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